Ready to run app
Based on Salesforce platform
For commercial projects

see how baucore can grow your sales



The only Salesforce app for the
building material industry.

Ready to run app, based on Salesforce platform
for commercial projects

see how baucore can grow your sales

Why Baucore?

Simplifies CRM for building materials

Simplifies Salesforce

While Salesforce is built for 1:1 opportunity relationship management, Baucore is specifically designed for the building material industry, offering n:n relationship management capabilities. This unique feature of Baucore ensures that Salesforce or other CRM integration and your essential sales processes seamlessly align with the requirements of your industry.

Focus on closing more sales

Focus On Closing More Sales

Baucore streamlines numerous routine tasks by automating them, providing you with valuable time savings. Furthermore, it offers data analysis capabilities to assist you strategically in making decisions and managing tasks throughout every stage of your project. Additionally, Baucore helps you find the right partners and how to involve them into your sales process.

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TOP 5 mistakes when implementing Salesforce for building materials

Whitepaper of Baucore by IBS Technology GmbH

Takes the guesswork out of finding the best opportunities

Baucore uses historical and external data to prioritize opportunities

  • Project size
  • Profit margin
  • Current vs new customers

Connect the dots

Automatically generated relationship diagram

  • Which distributors and contractors to involve?
  • Which relationships matter most?
  • Where are the broken links?

Automate your follow-up

  • Project stages automatically updated

    • New participants
    • Changes
    • Bid dates
  • Recommended Actions

Involve The Right Partners

  • Partner with the right distributors and contractors

  • Let them help you make the sale

Make your sales team addicted to your CRM

  • Helps them win more business

  • Native Salesforce app

  • Compatible with other CRM

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Best practices for the building materials companies using Salesforce

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Whitepaper of Baucore by IBS Technology GmbH
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Customer testimonials

“In a world that’s becoming more complex by the hour, we wanted to keep things simple for both ourselves and our customers. Thanks to our Partner Baucore, we’ve been able to prioritize speed, simplicity and scalability throughout the whole implementation process. Our customer data has found a secure home, allowing us to continuously improve the overall customer experience. We’re excited about how Baucore will transform the way we do business and enable us to grow together with our customers!”

Patrick Wagner, CTO, Osma Aufzüge
„With Baucore, ter Hürne has gained unparalleled insights into our flooring market and opportunities, enabling us to grow our business faster with reduced cost – improving our efficiency and increasing our win rates.“
Dirk Becker, Sales Manager, ter Hürne GmbH & Co. KG

The Solution to Managing Multiple Quotes and Multiple Bidders on a Single Project

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Whitepaper of Baucore by IBS Technology GmbH