IBS Technology the winner of the German Innovation Award `21 in the competition class »Excellence in Business to Business« in the category Information Technologies with BauCore! Find out, what our winners look like and saying. We will reveal one winner each day:

„I am proud that with the development of BauCore we were able to show that our name – Innovative Business Solutions – is not without reason!

On behalf of the entire Team A big thank you to our customers for their loyalty. It has been proven that you made the right choice! Thanks to you, we have been able to achieve a great level of expertise and know-how over the past 11 years. We became experts in the construction industry, and we can incorporate this knowledge into app development.

I would also like to thank our outstanding team. We have shown that together we are creative, innovative, professional and pull together. I can’t wait to create even more innovation with you in the future!

Our common goal is to form a USP for Salesforce, which we have succeeded in doing with the development of BauCore. We are able to combine best practice and innovation. Because time is money, but you can’t buy it. What you can buy, however, is speed. We achieve this with the GIA winner BauCore.“

Donny Santoso – CEO, IBS Technology GmbH

„Information can be lost quickly with project durations of 3-5 years. Our product ensures that you have an overview at the crucial moment and do not miss anything.

I would like to thank our customers for their active support in the development. It is an honor for me to be able to contribute to this product.”

Ramy Higazi – Project Manager & Technical Consultant, IBS Technology GmbH

“The award of the German Innovation Award is due to constant optimization process of our BauCore app – and the associated team spirit and passion for what we do.

The award shows what customers confirm to us in feedback discussions: that we implement project requirements in an agile and fast manner.

Thanks to all developers, consultants and project managers – this would not be possible without you. ”

Christian Metzler – Head of Salesforce Consulting / Senior Project Manager, IBS Technology GmbH

“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all … good design must primarily serve people. (Thomas Watson, Jr.)

Understanding a product like the BauCore app in its complexity and translating it into an appealing, visual and understandable language was challenging, but also exciting.

That is why I am all the more delighted that we have received the German Innovation Award. It confirms to me that we are not only able to inspire our customers or companies from the industry with the innovative strength and added value of the BauCore app, but also to increasingly give companies from outside the industry with multi-level sales an understanding of its value.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success and look forward to the future adventure that we will contest together.”

Aaron Man – Digital Marketing Manager, IBS Technology GmbH

„From the start we pursued one goal with BauCore app – to integrate our many years of expertise in process optimization for the construction industry into the Salesforce platform without having to compromise on quality and innovation.

I see the award of the GIA Prize as confirmation that we did not miss the target and at the same time as motivation to become even better here.

I am very pleased to have made a contribution to the development of BauCore and thus to the success of the entire IBS team.“

Ksawery Oksytowicz – Senior Web Developer , IBS Technology GmbH

“I’m really happy about the BauCore award and the great team effort.
I can still remember when Donny introduced me to BauCore for the first time. Coming from the construction industry, I had worked with CRM every day and therefore know about the challenges in the day-to-day business of a salesperson. Countless follow-ups and the simultaneous strategic processing of customers and construction projects, plus day-to-day business, deadline pressure, budget responsibility – it is not always easy to maintain an overview.

I was all the more excited that BauCore offers many features, such as automated property monitoring, evaluation of customer loyalty and supply chain evaluations, which enable sales to deal less with system and data maintenance and more with customers.

And that’s what sets IBS apart. We want to keep developing ourselves and our apps in order to offer our customers innovative solutions with real added value. That’s why I’m also looking forward to feedback, development requests and a lively exchange. Thank you to our customers for the cooperative partnership. ”

Simone Hofmann – Head of Marketing and Sales, IBS Technology GmbH