The Solution to Managing Multiple Quotes and Multiple Bidders on a Single Project


The whitepaper discusses the shortcomings of traditional CRM in managing the complex sales process of commercial construction, where multiple stakeholders and quotes are involved.

  • CRM Systems in B2B Sales:
    • Essential for managing sales tasks and pipelines.
    • Fit well with simple one-to-one seller-buyer relationships.
  • Challenges in Commercial Construction Sales:
    • Sales involve multiple stakeholders and quotes per project.
    • Traditional CRMs require costly, fragile customizations.
  • Building Product Manufacturer Struggles:
    • Long sales cycles with late buyer identification.
    • Result in pipeline bloat and data inaccuracies.
  • Salesforce CRM Limitations:
    • Inefficient at handling multiple quotes to various bidders.
    • Leads to inflated forecasts and incorrect revenue tracking.
  • Need for Specialized CRM:
    • The industry requires a CRM designed for its complex sales environment.


In summary, the whitepaper highlights the need for a specialized CRM solution tailored to the multi-faceted sales process of the building product manufacturing industry, which is not adequately served by current CRM platforms due to their limitations in handling multiple stakeholders and quotes for single projects.
Baucore, a Salesforce partner, is reviewed as a solution to the challenge.

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